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FISHCAKE is an established independant company that has been creating and assisting in a multitude of eye dazzling effects, animations and illustrations for film, TV, event, web and publishing since 2007. To help motivate your event, promote your product or anything that would require a need of visual representation.


Experiments and Ideas
At least Gb of Rendered Images
Minimum cups of tea

Process it takes to create a typical animated film

The Fishcake way

Great Ideas

Any idea or concept you have or are thinking of, just contact em I together we can push to greatness

Storyboard and Animatics

Once the ball is rolling and the idea is there, next stage usually relise on a good storybaord/animatic

Modelling, Scene Setup and Rigging

Environments, characters and props would then need to be Built, Textured and Rigged to suit the style and concept of the film


This is the part of the journey where everything comes to life. A good storyboard will help the animations path


Once the animation is complete and everyone is happy with how things look, the whole film would then need to be rendered out. Depending on the look and style will depend on how many different render passes will need to be produced

Compositing and Final Look

All rendered out images would then need to be put together and made into something magical or the final film anyway.

Have You Fallen In Love Already With Our Works?

Because it's all about loving what you do

That's How We Do It

1. Originality

2. efficiency

3. Cost effective

4. Development

5. Result

About Steve


Passion is King!

A few of the things I love to do


Steve Woodruff
"Doing a Popeye impression"

Sometimes they go hand in hand (maybe I'm not allowed to say it, but everybody does it)

The Board
It's a total love affiar!


Hi there I’m Steve, I have been in the industry professionally since 2007, generally managing and executing entire projects, or if needed, hoping in as a freelancer helping out at studios in a generalist roll. My choice of weapons (or software) is primarily Autodesk Maya, photoshop, PreimerePro, AfterFX and VRay, with basic knowledge of the Arnold renderer. Also, I use InDesign and Illustrator for print work. I am a flexible, creative, enthusiastic, team player with an excellent grasp of the latest creative tools and proven problem-solving skills. I am an achievement-driven, responsible individual who is committed whole-heartedly to my work and driven by passion! It’s great to think, I enjoy what I do!


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